65431-ac2bf8dfc44d42ab8fa77c379a4e47d0Louisiana’s economy is a train wreck.  Our children are moving away for better jobs.  Our roads and bridges are below standard.  Our population is down 4% in District 31!

Our economy and growth depends solely on Baton Rouge.  The officials we elect are the people who decide what new companies and businesses that are established in our parishes, and what amount of taxes are paid to our local government by these new businesses.  Our state government has tied up our economic growth with a red tape and will not allow our parish or local governing bodies to remove that tape.

I want to be YOUR VOICE in Baton Rouge.  Let’s bring new jobs into our district and let’s bring our parish and local economy up to the amounts needed to sustain a good working annual budget for our schools and our infrastructure.


494a6-876e5464d9444627b476d94eb90d4ea5The parents and guardians of our state’s future residents deserve a personal say about their child’s education. We give high school students four (4) years to decide whether they are prepared to make a decision about their future. Vocational classes and college preparatory courses should come into our education department at an earlier age. Junior High or Middle School, grades 6 – 8, aged students need the opportunity to find a course study that prepares them for high school into adulthood. We know our children. They know their likes, their dislikes, what areas they excel in and which ones they don’t do well in. Four (4) years is not enough time for us to help them make a thorough and well adjusted decision that will effect the rest of their lives.

I want to be YOUR VOICE in Baton Rouge. We need to bring these classes in at an earlier age and give more say to our families in the education and futures of their children.


77e2a-e8e368_779bf3ace4924ca6bf048d490558521emv2Taxes. That one word is a powerful statement all alone. We can not tax ourselves to a balanced budget without the people of our great state going into debt. If we vote to pass an increase in sales taxes to fix our roads, then we want to know that without doubt that the money from that tax is going to fix OUR roads. We want to know which roads, how long the project will last, and we want someone accountable when the money goes elsewhere and the roads are still sub-par.

I want to be YOUR VOICE in Baton Rouge. We need to make sure that the taxes we pass are used for the purposes they are intended. We need a strong voice to hold our government accountable to use tax money collected in District 31 for the purposes that tax money was allocated for within our district. 




*Douglas Brown, a Purple Heart recipient  served as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged after ten years and five tour deployments, four to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. Use of his military rank, job, titles and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement from the Department of Defense, the United States Navy or the United States Marine Corps.

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